Free Sofia History Tour is a sightseeing tour of Sofia in a small group that tells the story of Bulgaria’s capital in an interesting and fun way using the city as a background. 


Q: How long is Free Sofia History Tour?
A: Free Sofia History Tour is approximately 2 hours long and covers about 2 kilometers across the city center.

Q: Where does Free Sofia History Tour start?
A: It starts in front of Sofia History Museum at 1 Banski Sq .

Q: What languages is your tour in?
A: It’s only in English.

Q: What do we see on Amazing Sofia Tour?
A: You can see the Sights list on this page.


The sights

  • Sofia History Museum
  • Banya Bashi Mosque
  • Former Communist Headquarters 
  • The Presidency
  • Former Royal Palace
  • The Jewish memorial
  • The Roman remains
  • The church of St. George
  • The Archaeological Museum
  • The Russian Church
  • St. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral
  • and more
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