The Feel of Sofia is a platform for free tours in the capital of Bulgaria – Sofia. Many explorers have joined our free walking tours as a part of their adventure to find the hot-spots of the city!
Our Amazing Sofia Free Tour is a sightseeing tour of Sofia in a small group of <10 people that tells the story of Bulgaria’s capital in an interesting and fun way using the city as a background. Dive into layers of history, as we walk on Royal boulevards, Roman streets and Communist passages. We’ll explore the depths of ancient Serdica, Medieval Sredets and modern-day Sofia. Learn about the people and events that shaped our city and inspired the following generations. Explore one of the oldest cities in Europe with a history that goes back to 6th millennium BC and witnessed the rise and fall of many kings and empires. Let us take you on a journey across the heart of Sofia and become one of us, the locals.

Our team consists of Sofia locals that are experts in their fields. Our mission is to give you the best information about Sofia and to do so we dive into small and dusty bookstores to find that one book that tells that one story when during Communist times an Armenian man who was forced to change the name of his son Lenin because he had the lowest grades in the whole class… Join us!



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