National Palace of Culture

Taking part into the Bohemian Sofia Tour you will see many buildings and landmarks that were and still are important for our city since the years of the Monarchy. However, we have numerous suggestions and tips for you how to continue your walk in the streets of Sofia and discover more places of interest. One […]

The National Theatre “Ivan Vazov”

I believe you will come across this site even before your visit in Sofia – on the Internet or in a tour-guide book or somebody will recommend it to you. Yes, this is one of the symbols of our city, a remarkable building with great location and impressive historical background. This is the National Theatre […]

Boyana Church and the National History Museum

It’s not only the center of Sofia that hides secrets from ancient times. Just at the foot of Vitosha mountain you can discover two unique sites that are full of history. One of them has been a Bulgarian symbol of Christianity for almost 10 centuries. Visiting the other one you will gain knowledge and see […]