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Meet the team behind The Feel of Sofia

We organize social events and activities in Sofia. More than 500 happy explorers have joined us so far in their adventure of finding the hot-spots of the city and it’s fascinating history. Join us and get the best out of Sofia with our hidden gem experts!


My name is Viktor, but my friends call me Vick.
I was born in Sofia in 1994 on the same date when the monument of Tzar Liberator was inaugurated in 1907 – the 30th of August.
I studied in one of the best Middle schools in Sofia de donde se un poco de español and later in one of the best High schools ou j’ai appris un peu de français. Now I’m studying law at the Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski” – the oldest university in Bulgaria.

In 2013 I got my Tour Guide Certificate and I’ve been a professional guide since August 2016.
My first job as a tour guide was in City Sightseeing Sofia – the only bus tour around the city, where I did more than 150 tours. Now, I’m working as a Tour guide in The Museum of Sofia History as well.

In December 2016 together with Ivana we created The Feel of Sofia – a platform for social events and activities in the city with a blog.
Our first walking tour is “The Bohemian Sofia Tour – Behind the scenes of Old Sofia”. So far we had more than 500 guests and we managed to reach number 4 in Tours in Sofia in TripAdvisor with 95.9% of the reviews being excellent (more than all of our competitors).
On March 10th we did the first Roman Sofia Tour – a free walking tour about the ancient heritage of Sofia. Sofia is my city, but I am willing to share it with you if you take a tour with me!

Assistant Manager


My name is Ivana but you can call me Van. I was born in the last decade of the 20th century in a small, but attractive village in the south-west part of Bulgaria – Velingrad. Today my home town is the Spa Capital of The Balkan Peninsula. The village that gave me the coziness of the Bulgarian style of living and yet showed me that there is more in the world to explore.

So couple of years later I “jumped” in Sofia. Here I study optometry and the science is a big part of my life. It gives me the opportunity to visit many interesting events.

Sofia allows me to have a choice, to meet interesting people, to get to know them and to have fun all the time.



Hello, my name is Yordan. I was born in 1994 in Sliven, a small town in South – eastern Bulgaria. For five years I have been living and studying in Sofia. I recently finished a Bachelor degree in Archaeology and History and currently doing my Master’s in English language. While I was born and raised in a different town (Sliven) – the city of the Haiduks and the First factory in Bulgaria, I also grew fond of Sofia pretty fast. The city has a rich history and cultural heritage, a lot of landmarks, stories and hidden gems everywhere. That is why we are here – to show them to the foreigners, friends and residents of Sofia in the best way possible. After all, there is a reason why the Roman emperor Constantine the Great called Sofia “My Rome” and our beloved Bulgarian artist Todor Kolev called it “My little London”.



My name is Martin and I am a university student from Bulgaria. I was born in 1995 and raised in Sofia. I am proud of living in a city that has been existing since ancient times and has been part of different states and ages. Nowadays it is a modern place, suitable for people with different interests, hobbies and lifestyle. I am very happy being able to show more people that there is a lot to experience here and I want to stimulate their desire to come and see it. I am also a professional certified tour guide and I have another way to get you around our city. Welcome to Sofia!