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Borisova Gradina Park Tour will take you on a journey across the biggest park in Sofia – Knyaz Boris’s Garden. An open air museum with rich history and countless monuments. Let’s take a morning walk together in the favorite park for many locals, the park where they learned how to ride a bike, or the place where they found real love. This park has a lot to tell and we will be there to listen.
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Q: How long is the Borisova Gradina Park Tour?
A: The Borisova Gradina Park Tour is approximately 2 hours long and covers about 2 kilometers across the city center.
Q: Where does the Borisova Gradina Park Tour start?
A: It starts in front of the Monument of the Soviet Army.
Q: What languages is your tour in?
A: It is only in English.
Q: What do we see on the Borisova Gradina Park Tour?
A: You can see the Sights list on this page.

The Sights

  • The “Ariana” Lake
  • The oldest tree in the park
  • The first monument in the park
  • The Brothers’ Mound
  • The National stadium “Vasil Levski”
  • The Lake with the lillies
  • The playground with the Elephant
  • and many more