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Join us for this unique experience – explore one of the most artistic neighbourhoods in the city – “Yavorov” and have a typical Bulgarian breakfast:

Starting from the Monument of The Soviet Army we will scroll towards east and move away from the touristy area.
Walking you will hear some interesting stories and get some useful tips about the city and its lifestyle.

All this with strategic stops at the best street food places in town, where to taste the best of Sofia (Bulgaria).

It is like a walk with a Bulgarian friend! You can ask your guide everything about Sofia and get the right vibe about the city.

The tour will end close to where it starts – just a minute away from the Sofia University Metro station.

The tastings include:

-draft “boza” in one of the oldest sweet-shops in Sofia;

-“banitsa” made with butter (instead of margarine) in the oldest bakery in town;

-real Bulgarian yoghurt – “kiselo mlyako” made by monks in a monastery just 70 km. away from Sofia!

Check tour dates here.

Q: How long is the Facts and Snacks Tour?
A: The Facts and Snacks Tour is approximately 2 hours long and covers about 2 kilometers across the city center.
Q: Where does the Facts and Snacks Tour start?
A: It starts in front of the Monument of The Soviet Army (close to Sofia University).
Q: What languages is your tour in?
A: It is only in English.
Q: What do we see on the Facts and Snacks Tour?
A: You can see the Sights list on this page.

The Sights

  • The house of Dragan Tenev (the person, who inspired the creation of The Feel of Sofia)
  • The oldest sweet-shop “Pchela” that offers draft “boza”
  • The Glass tram stop
  • The oldest functioning cinema in Sofia
  • and many more