Sofia Temples Tour

Sofia Temples Tour is a 2 h. long free walking tour of more than 10 religious sites in the city center. Explore the famous “square of tolerance” and understand what makes Sofia one of the most religiously diverse cities in Europe! See one of the largest synagogues in Europe and learn the story of the Bulgarian Jewish people during the Second World War, the Catholic cathedral with the monument of the “Bulgarian” pope in front, the only functioning mosque in Sofia and other amazing landmarks.
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Q: How long is the Sofia Temples Tour?
A: The Sofia Temples Tour is approximately 2 hours long and covers about 2 kilometers across the city center.
Q: Where does the Sofia Temples Tour start?
A: It usually starts next to the fountain between the Presidency and the Archaeological Museum.
Q: What languages is your tour in?
A: It is only in English.
Q: What do we see on the Sofia Temples Tour?
A: You can see the Sights list on this page.
Q: How much does the tour cost?
A: The Sofia Temples Tour is a free tour, so that anyone can enjoy it!

The Sights

  • The church of St. Nedelya
  • The church of St. George
  • The Catholic Cathedral
  • The Mosque “Banya Bashi”
  • The Synagogue
  • Remains of a 4th century basilica
  • and many more