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The Bohemian Sofia Tour is the only free walking tour that reveals the secrets of the Bohemian decades of the city’s history – the years of the Monarchy when Sofia became the city it is today. The tour is for the explorer who’s always looking for knowledge outside the guidebooks. We’ll share with you the real story behind many iconic landmarks and we’ll show you the hidden gems that even the locals don’t know about.

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Q: How long is The Bohemian Sofia Tour? A: The Bohemian Sofia Tour is approximately 2 hours long and covers about 2 kilometers across the city center.

Q: Where does The Bohemian Sofia Tour start? A: It starts in front of St. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral.

Q: What languages is your tour in? A: It is only in English.

Q: What do we see on The Bohemian Sofia Tour? A: You can see the Sights list on this page.

The Sights 

  • Alexander Nevsky Cathedral
  • The grave of Ivan Vazov
  • Hotel “Imperial”
  • St. Nedelya Church
  • The Archaeological Museum
  • The Royal Palace
  • National Theater “Ivan Vazov”
  • The Russian Church
  • The City’s garden
  • and many more

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